About Me & My Blog

About Me and My Blog

Why I Decided To Start This Blog

When I started planning this blog I gave a lot of thought on what I wanted to accomplish with it; what to name it, what kind of information I wanted to publish and how it should look. I quickly decided my blog’s name and the type of content I wanted to publish. I also had a general idea of how I wanted my new blog to look! Now I had to decide what I wanted to ultimately accomplish with my new blog and how I could achieve that!

After a lot of thought, I decided that the ultimate goal I wanted to accomplish in doing a blog, was to share my love and joy of crafting. Additionally I wanted to share how crafting helped me build a stronger and more positive self-image; and I wanted my blog to inspire others to use crafting to improve their self-image. 🙂


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I wanted to keep my first post short, only chatting about my blog’s purpose…so I guess “that’s a wrap”…except to say

WELCOME to Self Images! I hope you will visit again as I continue my blog journey!

Take care and try to find the silver lining in every cloud 🙂


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