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Blueprint Of A Blog…

…and the Confessions of an Organization Freak

Hi and welcome to another post! I’m going to start off by admitting I’m kind of an organization freak…I love to organize, catalog and label EVERYTHING!! So naturally I’d be “compelled” to organize my new blog in some way . 🙂

  • I thought I’d share a visual and descriptive aid to show how my blog is structured, and hopefully help visitors maneuver around it 🙂

The first pag visitors should arrive at is my main or “Welcome” page. This is the hub, or departure point for everything on my blog. The Welcome page contains:

  •  A Welcome message
  • A little bit about me
  • The main navigation menu
  • My most recent blog post
  • A search box
  • A couple of cool widgets!

Below are a few screen shots that annotate the various areas of my Welcome Page.

2017-03-22 21.26.32


2017-03-22 21.39.40


2017-03-23 21.52.50


The next stop on the navigation menu is “About Me and My Blog”. Here, you will find FASCINATING posts about me and my life! Ok so “fascinating” was an exaggeration, but this is where you’ll find posts about me and my blog, my experiences and my thoughts on life in general.

2017-03-24 23.02.17


You can explore the different ways to get in touch with me by selecting the “Contct Me” menu option. In addition to information on how to contact me, I’m thinking about using this area to post a few random thoughts on the variou communication options we have availabe to us these days; and why sometimes “vintage options” like snail-mail is best 🙂 I love meeting and chatting with people, so please check out this page…I’d love to hear from you!

2017-03-26 20.39.09


The next menu option is where you can quickly browse all posts related to a specific category of interest. After clicking the “Categories” menu option you will have the following categories availabe for your browsing pleasure.

  • Card Making, Scrapbooking, & Other Paper Crafts
    • Card Making – Posts on cards I make that illustrate different techniques, materials and inspiration. This category also contains a couple sub-categories:
      • History  of Card Making – Posts on the history of cards, and additional vintage inspiration.
      • My collection of vintage and some lovely handmade cards.
    • Scrapbooking – Posts dealing with scrapbook layouts, tools and inspiration.
    • Other paper Crafting – Posts on other paper crafting such as quilling.
  • Sewing – Posts on contemporary and heirloom sewing projects, techniques and inspiration, history of sewing, and the history of fashion. This category also has the following sub-categories.
    • Heirloom Sewing – Posts on what defines heirloom sewing, projects, techniques and inspiration.
    • Smocking – Smocking is often considered a technique of heirloom sewing, but I prefer to keep it as a seperate sub-catagory of sewing. Here you will find posts on smocking projects, patterns, technique, history and inspiration.
    • History of Sewing – Posts about the vast and long history of sewing, including my collection of vintage sewing related items.
    • History of Fashion – Here you will find posts about the history of fashion and fashion design, which may have actually started when Adam & Eve looked for something to cover their nakedness upon having to leave the Garden of Eden!
  • Machine Embroidery – Posts on machine embroidery projects, techniques and inspiration; and the two sub-categories below:
    • Hand Embroidery – Posts on hand embroidery techniques including silk ribbon embroidery.
    • History of embroidery – Posts on the history of hand embroidery incldung  vintage articles and patterns dealing with hand embroidery.
  • Yarn Spinning and Knitting – Posts on all things dealing with spinning yarn from fiber and knitting.
  • Stars of Inspiration – Posts hilighting crafters who have consistently inspired me; and future stars who really starting to shine.
  • Product Reviews – Here you will find unpaid and unsponsored reviews of products and tools that I’ve tried and used.
  • Organization – Posts about the methods and tools I use to keep my studio neat and tidy so I can enjoy the crafting experience 🙂
  • Other – Posts on other random areas of interest to me, including Bassett Hounds and Barbie.

2017-04-27 21.19.33.png

Well that’s it for my “Blueprint of a blog”. It’s definitely not the most stimulating post, but hopefully it gave you an idea of where I want to take my blog; and some ideas for you to quickly find specific types of information.

Next time…A Future Star of Inspiration!

Until next time, take care and learn something new!





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