Stars of Inspiration

Stars of Inspiration – Olivia Dirscherl


My debut post in the “Stars of Inspiration” category is on a rising Star, and my very talented niece, Olivia Dirscherl.

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain biased information 🙂

On April 13, 2017 I had the pleasure of traveling to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (commonly referred to as Virginia Tech), located in Blacksburg Virginia, to attend a fashion show. The fashion show was produced by the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society and showcased the students’ talent and skills in all aspects of producing a fashion show. This included production and post-production,  model selection, fitting, styling, photography & post-production photography, and marketing. I really felt like I was at a runway show at New York Fashion Week…there were even gift bags in the VIP seats!

PSX_20170528_155345Photoshop Express used for photo effects

Olivia is currently a Junior, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. This was her second show and she helped with production, modeled a couple of garments, and designed and made two gowns. The title of he fashion show was “Washed Ashore” and her gowns showcased her interpretion of the theme.

PSX_20170528_165002Photoshop Express and Photo Lab Pro used for photo effects

Olivia said her inspiration came from the colors and movement of storms that roll over the ocean. Her first design, shown below, is called Storm. The flowing and wavy dark blue fabric illustrates her interpretation of the churning ocean waves during the storm.

Photography by Brittney Sherman. Used with permission.

The gray shimmering fabric of her second design, Calm, reflected the sun behind the calmed gray clouds and on the ocean waves after the storm has passed.

Photography by Brittney Sherman. Used with permission.

Although the focus of this post is on Olivia, the fashion show showcased some amazing talent by all of the students, and I hope we’ll be seeing more of these rising stars!

Until next time,

Keep finding and supporting your Stars of Inspiration!


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