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3D Americana Star Using the Silhouette Cameo

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July! Here in my part of Virginia, we didn’t have our town firework display so I spent a quiet, but enjoyable, July 4th with my husband, sister and basset hound 🙂

I also completed this 3D Americana star project, and although July 4th has passed, this star is a perfect accent for my living area décor of navy and red. This would also be a nice decoration to keep up through the month of July, or even through Labor Day, if you didn’t have an Americana themed décor.

This “print and cut” project came together quickly using my Silhouette Cameo and the Silhouette Design software. If you’re interested in seeing how this project was done, keep reading. I have included a list of the supplies and tools I used, or comparable items, and linked them, when possible, to online shops where you can purchase.

I purchased the design from the Silhouette Design Store. It’s a design by Sandi Idleman and you can click here to check it out and purchase if desired.

After purchasing , I imported the design to my Silhouette Design Studio library

I opened Design Studio on my laptop and clicked the Library tab, then navigated to the design. Once I located the design, I double-clicked on the design icon to open it in the design space.

Screenshot of my Design Studio library, with the Star file highlighted.
The file opened in the design screen. I kept all of the default settings, including making sure the “Registration mark” button was checked “on”.

The next thing I had to do was print out three copies of the design on my printer. I did this, from within Design Studio, by clicking the “Printer” icon on the left side of the tool bar and selecting my printer. After printing three copies, I took one of the printed copies and placed it on a Silhouette Light Tack cutting mat.

Printed sheet placed on the cutting mat.

I then loaded the cutting mat with the printed design sheet into my Cameo, went back to my design in Design Studio and clicked the “Send” tab. I used “Tool 1” and selected “Cardstock, plain” as my Material, “Cut” as the Action and “Autoblade” as my Tool. Finally, I clicked the “Send” button…

Loading the cutting mat with printed design sheet in the Cameo
Once I chose my Material, Action and Tool options I kept all other default settings and clicked the “Send” button.

…and watched the magic happen. After a short time, the Cameo had cut out two perfectly shaped star points. 🙂

The Cameo in action!

After the Cameo had finished the job, I pressed “Unload” on the Cameo’s touch screen to unload the cutting mat. Finally, I removed the cut designs from the cutting mat. I did the above steps, and cut out the remaining two printed sheets.

Removing cut pieces from cutting mat.

I wanted to ink the white spaces of the points, so I cut a mask for each of the printed sections and inked the white spaces with Barn Door Distress Ink using the Altenew Ink Blending Tool.

Inking the white spaces of the star points.
All points have been inked.

I’m embarrassed to say that assembling the star took me the longest time of the project, because I couldn’t figure out how the points went together and I had to restart several times 🙂

When I finally figured out the instructions, I started the assembly by folding each of the five points along all fold lines using a bone folder, then gluing the long edges of the point together. I then glued the long edges of the remaining four points.

Folding the points along the fold lines.
All five points folded and glued along their long edges.

Next I used double sided tape to glue one short edge of one point to the same short edge of a second point. I repeated this until all five points were glued together at one short end.

Gluing one of the short edges of each point together.
One short edge of points glued together. It’s starting to look like a star 🙂

Next, I glued the remaining short edges of four points together, using double sided tape, leaving the last point unglued. Before I glued the last side together I placed a loop of 1/4″ silk ribbon through the top of one of the points, and glued to secure. Finally I glued the last point with hot glue, forming the completed star. As a finishing touch I inked all the edges with the same Barn Door Distress Ink used to ink the white spaces of the points.

Gluing the second side of points together.
All the points, except the last one are glued together. I left the las one unglued so I could insert a hang ribbon.
Last edge glued together using hot glue.
Inking edges.
After a couple of wrong turns in the assembly process, a completed star!

I have included, below, a list of products used, or comparable products, with links to online stores where you can view and purchase. I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to try it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, in the “Leave a Reply” box, and I’ll get back to you.

Until next time,
Happy Crafting and Keep a positive Self-Image – Angie

Supplies and Tools Used

Silhouette America

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  1. I don’t think I would have thought to ink the white spaces to get the red ones. Great idea. I like that it isn’t TOO big either. Love how you give very detailed instructions and the struggles you have so we can learn from you.

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