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Using Tip from Tim Holtz to Store and Organize Foil


Hi Everyone! I hope you have been staying healthy, safe and cool this summer. I’m back this week with a crafty post, on a slightly different topic…storage and organization 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I love the process of organizing of my craft supplies! I think it has something to do with being a librarian for over 30 years…everything being cataloged and being organized in a certain order. 🙂

The Inspiration

When COVID-19 hit the U.S., and stay-at-home directives were implemented throughout the country, one of the main venues for staying connected was social media. Platforms like Facebook, You Tube, and Instagram became a virtual venue to hold all types of conventions, expos, classes and demos, etc. This included the crafting industry. One of the first crafting personalities that I followed to this virtual venue was Tim Holtz. Tim is a product designer and developer for several companies in the crafting world including Ranger, Sizzix, Stampers Anonymous and Tonic to name a few; and is a well known personality in the crafting community.

After COVID-19, Tim had all of his travel plans canceled, but still felt like he needed to engage with the community and began hosting Facebook Live events. Every Saturday, for at least 13 weeks straight, Tim spent 2 to 3 hours online demonstrating various products and providing inspiration on using them. These events were inspirational, informational and entertaining with Mario providing well-timed sound effects. 🙂 Since then Tim and Mario have hosted Q&A events, on both Facebook and Instagram, where Tim answered specific product and general “about me” questions, as well as hosting new product releases. I can’t recommend enough watching the replays of Tim’s Facebook Live events. A list of all the events can be found on his blog. Click here to go to Tim’s blog. Tim also collaborated with several other crafting personalities, including Heidi Swapp, where he provided tips and hacks for using Heidi’s new Minc Toner Ink.

It was the Tim/Heidi Swapp Instagram collab that Tim provided the tip that I used for storing and organizing my collection of foils. You can watch the replay on Heidi Swapp’s INTV channel.

In the Tim/Heidi Instagram event, Tim mentioned that he didn’t like to store his foil on the packaging roll. He said he when he received a new roll of foil, he would cut the foil in a pre-determined size and store it in a sized folder made from cardstock.

I had been looking for a good way to store and organize my growing collection of foils from different companies, some on rolls and others in flat packaging. Originally I started taking the foil off the rolls and storing foil that way, but the foil would get crinkled and damaged. Leaving it on the roll took up much needed space and I ended up having to store it differently than I stored the flat packaged foils. This led to no organization and having to look in two or three places to find a foil to use in my project. I thought Tim’s tip might just work for my needs, so I decided to give it a try! Keep reading, to see my take on Tim’s tip. 🙂

The Steps

I used 80lb white cardstock to make the folders. I scored and folded a piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock at 5-1/2″. I had pre-determined that I wanted my folders to be 6″ wide and 4-1/4″ high, so I cut the folded cardstock to this measurement. I repeated these steps to make many folders.

Score cardstock at 5 and a half
Score and fold cardstock at 5-1/2″
cut folder to 6 in wide
Cut folded cardstock to 6″ wide by 4-1/4″ high
make several folders at a time
I have a large collection of foil so made quite a few folders 🙂
trim foil to 4 and a quarter by 6
Remove foil from rolls and cut to 6″ x 4-1/2″. I cut the flat packaged foil sheets in half since they were cut to 8″ x 6″ wide sheets already.
place cut foil in cardstock folder
Place cut foil in folders. I had several packages of the same foil so I was able to combine the multiple packages into one folder.
cut product info from packaging and glued to front of folder
I cut the identifying info. from the packaging and glued it on the front of the folder.

I stored my foil folders in a vintage library card catalog drawer, sorted by foil type (Toner activated, heat-activated etc.).

If you think Tim’s tip and my take on it might work for you, give it a try! I have included, below, a linked list of the tools and supplies I used for this storage & organization project, as well as some of the foils that I love and use often.

Compensated affiliate links used, when available, at no cost to you. All products used in this project were personally purchased by me, unless specifically stated. Thank you in advance for your support!

Tools and Supplies

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Hugs & Love, Angie

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