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Last Minute Autumn Projects for My Thanksgiving Décor

Hi Everyone! Hope you have been doing well and happy as we begin the 2020 holiday season. Today I have a post on several autumn projects that I just finished up to decorate my home for Thanksgiving. I love everything about autumn…the colors, the scents, the first frost, even the sounds. So right after Halloween I decorate my home with crafts inspired by the glory of autumn. I enjoy my décor until the day after Thanksgiving, when it’s time take it down and decorate for Christmas. 🙂

This year I made a wall hanging that I hung on my front porch and several painted, foiled and glittered pumpkins. Because these projects involved only painting and gluing I do not have step-out photos. However I have included a picture of the completed project with supplies used and very general instructions.

Distressed Porch Door Wall Hanging

My first project is a wall hanging of a distressed old-looking porch door with an autumn wreath adorning it. As a kid I used to help my dad run (or train) hunting dogs. In the woods and fields where we would run the dogs, we’d often come across an old, abandoned house. Even as a child there was something intriguing about the old porch doors on these houses. It is these memories that inspired me to recreate the doors in a wall hanging.

I started by asking my hubby to cut me a porch door out of a sheet of balsa wood, which he was happy to do for me. I sprayed the door with a white primer, before painting it with a base coat of Folk Art Sheepskin Chalk paint. To get the distressed, peeled-paint look I used Distress Texture Paste Crackle and the Tim Holtz Decayed (THS129) stencil, and applied on various areas of the door. After the paste had completely dried and cracked, I sprayed the areas with Weathered Wood Distress Oxide Spray and blended out with water. Next I hot glued a piece of scrap screen to the back of the door, in the window frames, and a small nob as a door handle.

I purchased the tin “grateful” sign at Hobby Lobby; but because it was shiny and new looking I wanted to find a way to make it look old and rusty. To accomplish this, I mixed Rusty Hinge and Crackling Campfire Distress Paint with some Imagination Crafts Rusty Patina, and applied several layers allowing to completely dry between layers. I set the sign aside while I worked on the wreath.

I had a small but very skimpy and bland-colored wreath in my stash. I think I purchased this at the Dollar Tree, so for the price it made a good base for the wreath. I hot glued some brightly, fall-colored leaves, clipped from a garland purchased from a thrift store. The original wreath had some colored clusters, I kept the rusty and beige clusters but painted the pale yellow clusters with Mustard Seed Distress Spray Stain. I glued the rusty sign on the front of the wreath, then glued the wreath to the bottom of my door.

Before I attached a wire on the back of the door, for hanging, I painted a natural colored bow, that I had from last year’s autumn decorations, with Crackling Campfire Distress Spray Stain. Finally, I glued the bow, and some faux corn husks, pulled from the original wreath, to the top of my door.

I really like how the crackle and rusty textures turned out, and how the overall piece reminds me of the old porch doors I’d seen as a kid.

Set of Three Faux Pumpkins

My next project was a set of three faux pumpkins. Nothing says autumn to me like pumpkins and gourds, and I was inspired by the autumn colors and the first heavy frost of the season to create a set of glittered, metallic and foiled pumpkins. For all three pumpkins, I started with a foam-type pumpkin that I purchased from the Dollar Tree last year. Keep reading to find out what I used to finish each pumpkin.

I was inspired to make this first pumpkin after watching an online class, hosted by Michaels Craft Store, titled “Mod Podge Pumpkins”. Click here if you’d like to view a replay of the class on YouTube.

To begin I painted the pumpkin with two coats of Folk Art Sheepskin Chalk paint. I then clipped several leaves from a garland and painted them with three Folk Art Treasure Gold paints. I painted some in Gold, some in Silver, and some in Rose Gold. I also painted the stem of the pumpkin in Silver.

Mod Podge is both a glue and a sealer, so I used the original Mod Podge Matte to adhere the leaves around the pumpkin. After the leaves were glued and dry, I applied two coats of Mod Podge over the entire pumpkin and leaves.

To capture the frost that inspired me, I applied another coat of Mod Podge then coated the pumpkin with a liberal amount of Distress Rock Candy Glitter and some German glass glitter that I purchased from an Etsy shop. I love how the glitter looks like tiny ice shards.

I loved the look of the Treasure Gold paints on the leaves, so for my second pumpkin I simply painted the foam pumpkin with several layers of the Treasure Gold paints, alternating and blending the gold, silver and rose gold colors.

I clipped some more leaves from the garland and glued them to the top of the pumpkin. Lastly I misted a light layer of Distress Rock Candy glitter over the entire piece with a Distress Glitter Duster.

Although this was the easiest pumpkin of the three to make, I love the simple and colorful look of this pumpkin.

My third, and final, pumpkin was inspired by the mottled colors often found in gourds. It was also the messiest piece for me to make!

I started by painting the pumpkin with a basecoat of the Folk Art chalk paint. To accomplish a mottled color I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge and covered the entire pumpkin with a blend of gold, silver and copper Nuvo Metallic Foil Gilding Flakes. Disclaimer…this was a MESSY process for me, the flakes went everywhere including sticking to all my fingers and clothes. I even had some sticking to my cheek! However, the mess was definitely worth the end product. 🙂

After I covered the pumpkin with the foil flakes, I applied a coat of Mod Podge, let it dry and repeated with another layer of flakes and Mod Podge. Next I applied a heavy layer of German glass glitter and glued three of the leaves, painted with Treasure Gold, to the top of the pumpkin.

I absolutely love how the foil and glitter looked, and how I’m reminded of the beautiful, frost covered, mottled gourds that inspired me. It’s my favorite of the three pumpkins, and has a top display spot on my mantle. 🙂

If you’re interested in any of the items I used, you can find the balsa wood sheets, faux pumpkins (during the fall season), leaf garland (during the fall season), Mod Podge and the paints at most chain craft stores (both their physical and online shops). The glue gun I use was purchased from Amazon. Below is a linked list to one of my favorite, independent online shops if you interested in, more information or purchasing, any of the Distress and Tim Holtz items, the foil gilding flakes, or other general supplies and tools I used.

Supplies and Tools Used

Compensated affiliate links used, when available, at no cost to you. All products used in this project were personally purchased by me, unless specifically stated. Thank you in advance for your support!

I hope you were inspired, by this post, to think about what inspires you and create something beautiful. Thank you for spending your time with me.
Until next time…
Hugs & Love, Angie

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