Ombré, Cinderella, Glitter Resin Tumbler

Hi Everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I’m back to share one of my favorite projects from 2021 so far. 🙂

I’m a HUGE Disney fan and today I’m showing how I made a glitter resin tumbler using Disney Cinderella stickers from a Me and My Big Ideas sticker book. I was inspired to make an ombré look tumbler after watching this video from
Emersyn Aurora Design. Her video was really helpful and I encourage you to watch! If you’re ready to make a tumbler with stickers, let’s get started.

PLEASE NOTE: I apologize, in advance, for the bad lighting and out of frame pictures. I was using a new camera and still learning the settings. 😏

IMPORTANT: This project uses resin, please make sure to read and follow all manufactures’ safety instructions carefully.

I purchased a stainless steel tumbler, with a lid and straw at Michaels. After washing the tumbler in warm soapy water and drying thoroughly, I wiped it with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining soap residue or oils. Next, using painters tape, I taped the inside rim of the tumbler with small pieces of the painters tape. I also taped the inside rim and the hole that the straw went through with painters tape.

To paint my tumbler with an ombré effect that I was going for, I chose three colors of Folk Art Multi-Surface Acrylic paint. Since I was making a Cinderella tumbler I wanted light pastel colors. The colors I chose were 2940 Baby Pink, 2923 Light Blue, and 2955 Light Lavender.

I used a large sponge dauber to apply the paint, achieving the ombré effect by overlapping one color over the edge of another, while the paint was wet. I also painted the bottom of the tumbler and lid, but I only used the blue paint for these two areas.

Because I was impatient I used a heat tool, to dry the paint, so I could begin applying the resin. (If you don’t have a heat tool you could use a blow dryer).

Next I placed the tumbler on the arm of my Spin-It, turned it on low, and observed the tumbler rotating to see if it was “wobbling”. The resin is self-leveling, but if your tumbler wobbles it will cause the resin to pool in one spot and create a “bump”.

Next, I mixed the epoxy resin following the manufactures’ instructions for mixing and safety precautions. When mixing the resin, make sure you don’t skimp on the amount of time you stir. Under stirring can cause problems with the resin curing properly. I usually err on the side of caution and over-stir.

After I mixed and stirred the resin the required amount of time, I poured a small amount in a separate cup and added some We R Memory Keepers White Pearl Mica Powder. After mixing the powder to the resin, I applied a thin, even coat on my tumbler and lid. This layer serves as a base coat, and will make the glittered resin easier to apply.

I divided the remaining resin into three containers, added some of the white mica powder and a different glitter to each cup and mixed. I used three different chunky glitter mixes purchased from The mixes that I used were Southern Series Good Golly, Southern Series Grits, and Olaf.

I applied the glittered resin to the tumbler in a swirl pattern, and smoothed with my fingers. I also applied the resin to the lid.

To remove any air bubbles, from the resin, on the surface of the tumbler, I used an embossing gun.

Finally, I let the tumbler to spin on the Spin-it for 8-12 hours, then let it sit stationary overnight.

After my tumbler set overnight, I applied the stickers I was using on the tumbler. I used Cinderella stickers from the Me and My Big Ideas Disney Once Upon A Time Princess sticker book. I also applied some tiny Cinderella themed stickers on the lid

To seal the stickers, I mixed a small amount of resin and applied a thin top-coat layer to the tumbler and lid, remembering to coat the bottom.

As before, I removed air bubbles from the resin with a heat tool.

Finally, I let the tumbler to spin for another 8-12 hours, removed the tumbler from the Spin-It, and removed any resin flashing from the rim of the tumbler and lid with a craft knife. (Flashing is extra resin that forms on the edge of items).

I let the tumbler cure for 72 hours, then hand washed in warm soapy water and dried.

I love my tumbler and enjoy drinking iced tea from it daily! 😀 I have used it since February, and because I hand wash my tumbler, it still looks as new as the day I completed it! (Remember, stainless steel is not dishwasher safe).

I used Cinderella stickers, but you could personalize your tumbler with stickers of your choice, and accomplish the ombré effect using a paint color combination that you like.

Although this is a messy project, I encourage you to make a resin tumbler of your own. To give you further information, I have included a short, speeded-up video of this project, as well as a linked list of the supplies and tools I used.

Until next time, keep crafting!

Hugs and love, Angie 😘

Supplies and Tools Used

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