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Tutorial: Duct Tape Over-the-Shoulder Case with Tiny Sewing Kit and Attached Notepad

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Last month,, Eileen Hull hosted an unconventional materials challenge using her dies, on the Eileen Hull Fan Club Facebook group. I often think I’m like a mad scientist when I craft, and I knew I wanted to participate in the challenge! This post shows how I made an over-the-shoulder case using duct tape as my unconventional material with Eileen Hull’s Post Box and Tiny Book dies. If you’d like to see a video of how I made this project scroll below the instructions.


Recently I was honored to be asked to coordinate and direct my niece’s upcoming wedding. I wanted to make a little over-the-shoulder case to hold some essentials that could handle small wardrobe malfunctions, blisters, stress headaches, etc. (You know, the usual emergencies that tend to crop up on the wedding day!) 😉 Hopefully my little case of essentials, along with my trusty clipboard, I can ensure my niece has a wonderful wedding day!

I started by cutting a piece of gray mat board to 6″ x 13″ and covering the white side with a pattern duct tape, then cutting off the excess . This left the gray side visible to use as the inside of my case. I placed the mat board, tape side down, on the Eileen Hull Post Box die, and ran it through my die cutting machine.

I next took a piece of scrap file folder, cut it to approximately 6″ x 8″, covered one side with some silver holographic duct tape, then placed a sheet of double sided adhesive on the other side. Laying this taped folder piece, tape side down, over the front and top of the post box die and cut.

I removed the double sided adhesive and placed on the front and top of the post box, then colored all exposed edges with a black Sharpie marker.

To make slots to hold an ID and another card, I used another small piece of the silver taped folder, placed over the top portion of the box and cut twice. I trimmed it down, rounded the corners, then glued each slot to a piece of heavy weight cardstock covered in the silver duct tape. Finally I glued this piece to the inside back of the post box.

It was time to punch holes and insert eyelets for the shoulder strap, and assemble the post box case. I used the WRMK Crop-a-dile to punch holes on each side and insert the eyelets. I used double sided adhesive tape to secure the sides of the box. Note: I applied the double sided tape on the front side flaps.

Next I wanted to add a small notepad to the back of my post box case. To do this I covered another piece of file folder with the solid silver tape and placed it on the Sizzix Note Pad Cover Bigz die, and cut. I forgot to tape the other side with the pattern tape before I cut it, so I had to place the tape on the other side and then trim by hand.

After folding the note pad cover along the score lines, I used double sided tape to glue the cover to the back of the post box. I taped a purple post-it pad inside the note pad cover.

I love magnetic closures, and that is what I used on the post box and note pad cover. I applied tiny magnets to the inside flap and front of box, and flap and front of note pad cover with mini adhesive dots. Once I had all the magnets in place and aligned, I secured the magnets with super glue. I found that the Gorilla Super Glue works best for me.

To make the little sewing kit book, I taped a piece of file folder with the pattern duct tape on one side and the solid silver tape on the other. I placed, pattern down on the Tiny Book die and cut. This would be the cover to my sewing kit. To make pages to hold needles and pins, I placed a piece of folded craft felt on the Tiny Book die and cut, then trimmed to be slightly smaller than the cover. Next I cut several pieces of pattern paper, the same size as the felt and made belly bands on each page to hold thread cards. Finally I stitched the paper and felt pages together with waxed thread and glued this to the inside spine of the cover.

Finally to complete my project I glued some black satin cording along the joints, and on the front, of the post box, made a tassel and glued with a rosette (included on the paper pad die) on the front flap. For the shoulder strap, I took three strands of leather cording and braided, then inserted each end of the strap into the eyelet on both sides of post box. For the final touches, I wrapped a half pencil in washi tape and attached magnets to the pencil and inside top of box, and glued a decorative resin piece on the outside top.

I’m able to fit the sewing kit, a couple of Band-Aids, a few pain relief tablets, ID, credit card and a tube of lipstick or Chapstick. Making this Post Box die the perfect solution for easily carrying a few wedding day necessities. 😀

If you’d like to make this project yourself, I have included a linked list, when possible, of the tools and supplies used in this project.

Compensated affiliate links used, when available, at no cost to you. All products used in this project were personally purchased by me, unless specifically stated. Thank you in advance for your support!

Supplies and Tools Used

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