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Upcycled Halloween Centerpiece Using Items from Gitie’s Warehouse

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Hi everyone! I’m back with a slightly different post today, but no worries, I’ll be back soon with more auction updates! Today I’m sharing an upcycled Halloween centerpiece I made using items I purchased from Gitie’s Warehouse🎃

I absolutely love to decorate my home, inside and out for all the seasons and holidays. But one of my favorite seasons to decorate for is autumn and Halloween! 🎃It’s second only to Christmas, and with the help of my grandson who loves to handle the exterior light and inflatable decor, I’m able to go all-out! 👻

I usually start looking for inspiration in late summer, when it’s too hot to do anything else and I’m starting to look forward to the colors, smells and cooler temps of fall. This year was no different, and while perusing the internet for inspiration I found a couple of pictures on Pinterest that inspired me to a centerpiece using a witch’s hat.

From the start I knew I wanted to try and use products that I could upcycle, so I went shopping for the foundation pieces I needed first. I read on Gitie’s and Gitie’s Auctions Facebook page that the Warehouse was having a sale on lamps…ALL lamps for each! So, I headed to Gitie’s Warehouse that Saturday and found a lamp that had the gothic vibe I was looking for; and it was on sale for $1.00! Next, I started digging through the Halloween section at the warehouse and found a witch’s hat and some Halloween ribbon. I snagged these items for only 75 cents! Total spent so far, $1.75! 😊

I took these items home and went through my craft stash and pulled out some Halloween floral stems, more ribbon, hot glue sticks and plastic grocery bags. Yes, you read that correctly, plastic grocery bags LOL. I’ll explain their use in a bit, 😊. Finally, I made a quick trip to my area Dollar Tree and picked up a bag of small, glittered foam pumpkins, some orange glittered flowers and a large black, glitter-tinseled spider, spending another $3.75.

I have to say, the most satisfying part about my project was that I got to repurpose items that may have ended up in a landfill; and I was able to purchase those items at a local small business for less than the couple of “Made in China” embellishments purchased at a chain store.

Once I had all the supplies on hand, the project itself took only a couple of hours, and the few steps below to complete.

Step 1: Removed electrical cord and lightbulb socket from lamp. Also removed original Kirkland’s $49.95 price tag.

Step 2: Removed feathers, tulle and flowers from witch’s hat and set aside to use later.

Step 3: Made bow using the two rolls of Halloween ribbon and a bit of lime green ribbon. Believe it or not, this is often the most time-consuming part of any project for me, because I spend so much time tweaking the bow loops. 🙄 Since the bow is the largest element on the hat, I glued that in place first, using hot glue.

Step 4: Arranged the floral stems, glittered pumpkins, feathers and spider in a pleasing arrangement and glued in place. Pinched the pieces of tulle, removed previously to gather, layered them on the center back of hat and glued in place. I then glued the black rose, removed from hat earlier, and glued at pinched area of tulle.

Step 5: Place witch’s hat arrangement on top of lamp, and secure in place with scrunched up plastic grocery bags. The bags provide two functions. First they fill the hat out and make it firmer, and less floppy: second, by stuffing the hat around the lampshade base, the bags provide a sort of stability to keep the hat in place on the lamp.

Well, that’s it…for less than $10 plus tax (including the items used from my stash) and a couple of hours of fun work, I have a gorgeous, over-the-top centerpiece for my Halloween table. 🎃

The wonderful thing about Gitie’s Warehouse is that you can often find treasures. Even if you’re not a DIY’er or crafter you can still find items that can be used, straight from the warehouse to complete any project you’re looking to do…decorating, collecting, reading, refurbishing etc. You name it, you could probably find something! Please check out their Facebook page to view the latest pictures and walk-about videos highlighting their newest inventory for both the Warehouse and Shop locations. Additionally you will find the latest info on current auctions running on HiBid.

Another project using purchased items from the warehouse was the refurbishment of a chest. Check out the pictures below of the green chest with a not-so-pretty fish. My husband and I refurbished into a red, nautical-themed coffee table with lift top. The original green chest was the size we were looking for, but we weren’t keen on the color or the fish!

As I mentioned earlier, this post is a bit different, but I hope you found it interesting and maybe a tiny bit inspirational too! Rest assured, I will be back very soon with another of my usual auction posts, including info on Gitie’s Auctions upcoming and always popular Christmas auction.

As usual… Happy bidding, Happy treasure hunting, or Happy doing what makes you happy! Angie

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